Resume Assignment


My resume uses repetition of the green color that starts each subheading. Not only does the green color show repetition, but it also shows contrast and directs the eye to each subheading of the resume. I used a right alignment for the top of the page to introduce my name and contact information to mimic the format of my business card. I used a left alignment and the proximity of my contact information and the content of the page big enough to make a distinct jump from the different types of information about me and my experiences. The proximity between each subheading is close enough to show that each are related, but far enough away to make sure the audience knows that each are different. There is contrast shown between the bolding of the main headings of Experience and Education, as well as a contrast between the use of all capital letters for the headings, as opposed to the content of each section. The format of the resume matches the format of my business card to make the card and the resume memorable and complementary.


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