Capturing the Moment

Mark Philippoussis is said to have the fastest serve in the world. This shot is particularly captivating because the subject is at the center and foreground of the shot. His arm is caught at the peak of his serve, stretched out towards the ceiling of the gym making the shot more powerful. The net makes the middle ground of the shot, but makes a sort of awkward line with the line of the stands in the background. It would have been an even better shot if it was at a slightly lower angle- looking up towards him to make him appear more important. However, the horizontal plane is also striking because it highlights his ability to captivate the viewer in their eye line. The line of his arm pointing upward dissects the shot down the middle, making a powerful separation of the photograph. The white of his shirt is contrasting with the darker background of the people in the stands, making his presence even more dominant in the shot. The denotation is a tennis player in mid serve, however the connotation voices the power that Mark Philippoussis evokes to the audience and his opponent.


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