Concept: A homeless man buys lemonade with hand out money.

Treatment: A man is sitting against a building, appearing haggard and worn. He is wearing an old, torn jacket and a beanie. A young girl also sits at the opposite side of the frame, set up at a lemonade stand. A large sign reads in crooked letters: A cup for 25 cents. A woman passes by wearing professional attire and redirects her path, quite obviously, away from the man (leaving the frame); ignoring the girl at the table. A couple passes by and upon noticing the man, they agree to each place a five dollar bill in his lap. They then, walk away arm in arm; not noticing the girl sitting at the table. A man in casual clothes walks up to the man sitting against the building and hands him a book- appearing to be a bible- and a ten dollar bill. He casually walks away, searching for another person to speak with (leaving the frame); without taking a glimpse at the little girl he passes. Finally, the man sitting against the building stands up and brushes his ragged jacket and hat, stretches. He rubs his face with exhaustion and catches a glimpse at the forlorn young girl sitting at the table. He looks at the money in his hand. He walks up to the table and places the wad of bills in the jar on the table. The girl is happily surprised and smiles at the man and hands him a glass. He accepts it gracefully and leaves the frame, as the little girl stares into the jar in disbelief.


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