Magnum Opus

 A Family of Faces… Magnum Opus

This project is extremely close to my heart because it is my family. Each of these photographs are of my family members. I wanted each one to represent what I loved most about each of them. From what I learned in Visual Literacy, angle, color, contrast, and focus all help to illustrate what the photographer seeks to portray. I used all the techniques I learned in class to try to illustrate each of the characteristics I was trying to portray in the photographs. With Devon’s photo I used the light coming in from the window to give me a good space to capture her beauty. With Emily’s photo I used the upward angle to capture her power and strength and to evoke her confident nature. With Lauren’s photo it was not posed. I was lucky to capture her shy nature right in the moment she turned her head into her boyfriend’s shoulder. For my grandmother, GG, I used an analogue camera because it felt the most appropriate for my 90 year old grandmother. I had the opportunity to use my High School’s dark room and I was able to use just the right exposure and contrast to make it such a striking and powerful photo of my grandmother. With my father’s photograph I used the simple red back drop and followed the rule of thirds, positioning him on the right edge of the frame. For my mother I tried a few different poses, but I found this one particularly beautiful with my mother kissing my sister’s forehead. Overall, this project was a wonderful experience for my family and I. I was able to apply everything I learned about evoking meaning into visual images. I think I was able to execute the techniques I learned to make each photograph portray the characteristic that makes each of my family members beautiful to me.


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